WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

All the disposable products shown in SMOK global official website are not sale in the United States.

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  • Atomizer&Pod

    • Where to buy accessories for your Atomizer/tank?
    • How to remove the vape coil properly?
    • When you find your Fit / Infinix / Rolo Badge leaking or auto-firing?
    • How to prime the atomizer
    • How long does an atomizer last?
    • Vape Tastes Burnt? Top Tips for You
    • Leaking issues-getting the e-liquid into the mouth while vaping
    • Leaking issues-Leaking from the bottom air flow hole
  • Battery&Mod

    • How to Deal with the Reminder of "Max Puff" or "Puffs Over"
    • LED Light Blinking Problem for Pod Device
    • When You Find Your T-Priv III Can’t be Charged via USB Cable?
    • "Ohms Too Low" or "Ohms Too High"?
    • "Low Battery" or "Weak Battery"
    • "Too Hot" and Overheating
    • LED Light Blinking Problem for Pen-Style Battery
    • "Short Atomizer" or "Don't Abuse Protects" Error Message
    • Mod or Vape Can't Fire
    • Error on Reading Resistance
    • Screen Problems - Screen Won't Turn on
  • Upgrade

    • Attention! Note on the upgrade!
    • NuMicro ISP Programming Tool for G-priv II V1.0.5 (Not for G-priv!)
  • Warranty

    • How do we use the 4 boxes on SMOK website?
    • How to get contact with us efficiently?
    • When you try to open a claim but you are not with the receipt picture?
    • How to scrap a mod?
    • How to start a warranty claim without the purchase proof
    • How to create address in after-sale system?
    • Warranty attentions
    • How to get contact with SMOK about warranty problems directly?
    • How to track your warranty item which sent to USA warranty center?
  • Online Order

    • How to register on Smok website?
    • How to track your package?
    • When and how can you cancel your order?
    • How long will it take for you to get the package?
    • What does “order status” mean?
  • IVPS Tour

    • Bluetooth connection
    • Download IVPS Tour
  • Popular Usage Tips

    • Where I can find my warranty claim in warranty system?
    • E-juice Sucking's Cause and Solution